Emma V Steele


Artist. Designer. Movie Buff. Dog Lover.

After graduating in 2014 from OCAD University with a BFA in Drawing and Painting, I quickly fell into the world of graphics and illustration. Beginning with small, freelance projects, this on-the-side work quickly turned into a passion that I wanted to pursue full-time. This passion motivated me to attain a Graphic Design and Interactive Media Diploma from the Toronto Film School which I received in 2017, graduating as my Program Valedictorian and receiving the President's Award for the highest program GPA.

I am an enthusiastic designer who finds joy in everything from initial sketches down to the last bit of typesetting. A strong foundation in fine arts compels me to strive for designs that are uniquely conceptual. I'm detail driven, and I love it when life spills into work (those who know me know that's about the only mess I can stand).

My work spans a range of mediums, and this diverse skill set makes me uniquely qualified to tackle a variety of creative projects. I meet any new challenge with spirit and determination, so if you have need of a visual communicator for an upcoming project please don't hesitate to get in touch!

If it's not organized by colour, is it really organized?

If it's not organized by colour, is it really organized?


Watch Emma's Toronto Film School Valedictorian feature below.